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DarkCandles.com [Dec. 18th, 2006|06:22 pm]
Product Junkies!


[mood |pleasedpleased]

Back in late November I made an order @ Dark Candles. Someone had sent me a nearly-full bottle of their simmering oil in "Lilith". I tried it a couple of times and was impressed by the scent and product.

It arrived in roughly 3 weeks, which is fine. They said up to 18 days, and since some of my order wasn't made up until I ordered, that's pretty good timing.

I got:
Single Wax Melt (1 Pumpkin & Spice; 1 Vintage Spice; 1 Clove)
1oz Simmering Oil (in Vintage Spice)
Slinky Minks’ Pure Shea Butter (1 Forbidden Fruit)

The wax melts are good-sized (probably the same as Yankee Candle's) and melt quickly and evenly. I tried the Vintage Spice first and it was nice, not too spicy. The Pumpkin & Spice was much more to my tastes, perfect for the fall/winter. I'd order more in that scent. I've yet to try the Clove melt and the Simmering Oil.

I'm not sure if I prefer the simmering oil or the melts; I find the melts are nice because you pop the tin in the freezer and they pop right back out.

I used the Slinky Minks’ Pure Shea Butter. The only other shea butter I've tried was the lotion from FeMaledictions. This one was a lot more lotion-y then FeMaledictions.

(Note: this could be due to the fact it's rather warm in my condo because I have two industrial fans and a dehumidifier trying to fix water damage. The picture at the site shows it as a solid.)

It goes on smoother, but I'm not sure it made my skin as smooth as FeMaledictions' did. Further tests will be required. The smell of the Forbidden Fruit is awesome; very tropical and sweet!

All in all I'm rather impressed and would consider spending my money at Dark Candles again.

(Also: I ordered a FeMaledictions limited edition Shea Butter soap in "Flicker" in the irate jack o' lantern shape. I haven't used it yet.)