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ADVANCED ORDERS for FULL SIZED PERFUMES!!! - Obsessions... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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ADVANCED ORDERS for FULL SIZED PERFUMES!!! [Jul. 26th, 2006|09:56 pm]
Product Junkies!


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Greetings again, dahlings - we are back and raring to go. The sojournment took longer than expected, as we were stuck in the middle of nowhere in a farmhouse with no internet connection, then delayed further by illness & travel mix-ups. Practically a trip back in time!

Those who pre-release Rakes Blend should have them by now. Apologies for the delay in waiting for labels - we eventually had twice as many labels arrive from America! Oddness.

Those who had mix-ups in their orders have been sent out again, you should be receiving them very soon. :)

Now, onto the juicy part of this missive:

We are now pleased to be taking advance orders for FULL SIZED 10ml bottles of ALL our latest release perfumes!


These advance orders are prior to our making them available on eBay, and to gauge interest so we may stock up enough not to run out in the first few hours, which we all know happens all the time, and leaves great swathes of you gnashing teeth & pulling out hair.

Click the link below to order directly from us. All 10ml bottles are the usual price of £9.99 with £1.50 P&P for UK customers, £3 International. You may order as many as you wish, with a discount for ordering several if you pay for them in one transaction. Paypal only at the moment, please. HURRY!

PS: We cannot give you an exact date when these will be sent out as we need to wait for the boxes to arrive. I'll be ordering these tomorrow based on how many orders have come through already & how many more are likely to come through in the next few days; but they should start being sent out in the next coupls of weeks. As usual we shall announce this well ahead of time so you'll know whehn to expect them. :)

Available Perfumes:


(Scroll through previous entries in our journal for full descriptions of each fragrance, if you aren't familiar with our lusciously bawdy perfumes!)

All priced at £9.99 per 10ml bottle.

Each box fits two bottles of the 10ml perfumes, so therefore customers will have perfumes placed in twos, depending on how many they order. eg. If you order four bottles, they will come in two separate boxes. If you order five bottles, they will come in three boxes, and so on. If you are ordering some bottles as gifts, and therefore would like each bottle to come in a separate box, please state this CLEARLY - saying how many of the perfumes need separate boxes - on the "note to seller" form on paypal's send money page. There will be no extra cost. :)

Postage & Packing:

UK: £1.50 for the first bottle, 50p for each subsequent bottle ordered at the same time.

INTERNATIONAL: £3 for the first bottle, £1 for each subsequent bottle ordered at the same time.

How to Order:

Please state clearly in the paypal 'send money' form how many bottles you are buying: eg. "3 x Doxy, 1 x Flummery" in the note to seller box. :-) Remember to add on the extra postage costs for each extra bottle ordered. :-)

PayPal only for the moment, dearies: suzy@beyondpale.co.uk

I hope you are as excited as I am - I know many of you have been waiting an awfully long time to get your hands on the full sizes!